Yusuf/Cat Stevens some song you grow to enjoy

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Some of his song was very melodic and original, will capture your heart in an instant. Some of his song you think its kinda boringly repetitive, but after many years of living and enduring the hardship, you start to change and you turn to enjoy the song you thought were boring, and you see the hidden substance.

The fist song of his that I fall in love with was "morning has broken". A haunting melody and a perfect musical arrangement. The guitar strumming accompanying with a stream of talking piano. Soon as it end the rewind button was hit and almost precisely at the beginning the stop button push and the strumming continue, those was the time of tape recording, to play back a song you'll need some time, but we done sweat the delay in anticipation, and the song get imprinted in the mind.

morning has broken

Used to savor his deep accent of folk, almost like tasting honey which is too sweet, listening to his folk song which is too folksy.

Sometime I wonder, maybe he is a better song writer than singer. The song he wrote make others more famous than he does. Of course to some part of the world he is too famous to surpass, but to the commercial scene some may not know his effort was the power behind very famous singer or should I say very rich singer, sometime with only one of his song bring to others maybe millions.

Wild world

By Mr. Big - Wild World ( Official Video )

Patiently listen through these, the deliciousness will slowly seep and you could taste the rare 70's sweetness.

By: Maxi Priest - Wild World

And this has gone through to the 80's, still famous, still making money for someone else.


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