For those who been through the time of "muhhibah"

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This song is so touching for me, I'd been through the era of Malaysia in the aura of"muhhibah" ( Harmony ). Since when did this vision been worn out, nobody have any idea, because it happens gradually, just like the story of the frog being cooked slowly in a gradually heating up water, even though the story may not be true but it reflects the situations of Malaysian, but with this song, we can see that there lives among Malaysians  who remembers those bonding we use to have. These people are trying to bring back our brotherly bond that buried deep in our society, which is now being purposely divided to serve someone's political ambition.

The scene that children playing paper football game brings back memories of our past, used to be no electronic devices with games, the only electronic device that carry entertaining function is the radio. Those time we used to listen to song from beginning till the end, but nowadays we don't do that anymore, so songs don't leave much impressions don't carry much emotions and feelings, the songs may still be of great quality like this one but we find it more difficult to sing along nowadays, because we are in a hurry, and that kills the deliciousness of a song which when brew long enough in our ears long enough will sink in our heart forever.


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