Did I gone back to the 7o's

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Once in a while some disco song come along and easily becoming popular. The style of this song is nothing new, fill with stain of the 70's. Even the halfway rap like male voice sound like reggae. enjoyable song, again feelings of the 70's floating around.

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (born October 25, 1984), known professionally as Katy Perry, well this song may sound like she is taking a tricky path through the swamp, but with only one song may not reveal her true talent, she actually can write some pretty good stuff. 

But always with a little upbeat disco style is easier to gain popularity.

This girl has potential, but looks like she knows too well which one can sell which one not. I think she deliberately avoid putting up any artistic and deep stuff and run the risk of not selling well. Yeah, what good is deep sounding song if it cannot spread wide enough. Hope some day I might hear some really innovative stuff from her, she really has the potential to do that.

This one sounds like she purposely held back the climax, and hovering around what is not coming out and savoring tj sensual anticipation.

Listen to this one, how she play around with her voice, coming out from many ways, I can almost see a Madonna emerging. I wish for her the success of all she can achieves.


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