Unexpected place unexpected song

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I was watching a science fiction drama (continuum,Rachel Nichols play Kiera Cameron) until this song came about. It was a back ground song of Hanna suicide, so sad...But with my latest understanding of living and dying, I am not feeling so sad, just watch with a different perspective, death is not the end of life, it is just a transition.
With the wonder of technology, now I can straight away look into the internet, and with this I fell in love with Dala. Simple and down to earth folk song, This type of music always attract me to dig deeper, I can see honesty without icing on their music, they don't seems to mind whether their music is lack of originality, creativity, just down right expressing their feelings through their music, that is all they seems to care. So glad to hear such sweet music again. Grateful to have them around making music for us.


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