Gone and ...is she? Eva Cassidy

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I was feeling down, and luckily I remembered to listen to music, and I got lifted, by...Paul Simon...James Taylor....and Eva Cassidy, a bit odd, to get to listen more of her music when she's pass on. At first I feel a bit too late to get to know her more, and I start's to think of friends who has pass on, starts to miss them, but then I said to myself, isn't that what they say her spirit lives on because of her music, than I feel better, its a good thing that many still remembered her, and she lives in their heart. Many will remembered her but how many remember us when we're gone? So I won't feel sad for her but happy for her...

The Beatle got their style with the 7th cord, she can sing out 7th how inspired she was.

My favorite Simon and Garfunkel song, being given a new life added some more spice. She can really induce new element into those songs that she covered, original may be good but her's are not less either.


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