Jim Croce-Forgotten first love

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I forgotten how did I get to know him, I think I heard his song "I'll have to say I love you in a song", I was still a student then, think I was at a friend's house, "Er" his name. it was a compilation of folk song. Later on whenever I came across music stall, I'll try looking for his album, found some and start listening, and find that his guitar playing was great staff but I was unable to pick up by merely listen to it (that's how I normally learn).

Than I found a song book, all Jim Croce's song and with simple tab on it, and I start to learn from that. Operator is one that I put lots of effort into it, but sadly cannot play without partner, only play along with the tape playing.

Great stuff, beautiful combinations of acoustic guitar playing, I only feel that his lyrics was mostly sad, and lonely. His music was original style, very folksy and individual, I think it will be great challenge to surpass himself if he didn't pass on in such a sudden manner.

Guitar beginner will love to play this song, but than again it's double guitar playing, you need partner for this one, or else half of the feeling gone...

With such simple musical instrument they manage to produce such effect! just perfect!

And this is what I meant by sweet song but negatively sad. Those day I was a lonely college student, riding my old bicycle slowly home, and this song imprinted in my brain, now it is like what nlp says "anchoring" that sad lonely feeling to me any time this song was played.

Another sad one but sooo beautifully done!


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