Converter musician introduce Robert Cray to me,

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I used to complain about those Chinese singer who just took some English songs or Japanese song and put some lyrics and sell it like hot cake. Why don't they put some effort into it, compose their own and we fans can anticipate some improvement in our own music scene.But today, when Robert Cray pop into my mine, I can't help but thank those song converter who introduce these great musician to me...

Because of YouTube keep deleting video, I am correcting my post, as I am doing this I came across this you-tuber Wayne傻傻, he did a great video summarizing many songs by Chinese singer singing covers of many Japanese songs. This sadly proof that many famous Chinese singer lack composing creativity. Any way thanks to this video, it introduce yet another Japanese singer I might fall in love with, with some additional research I found the singer name in Chinese,  过亚弥乃 Ayano Tsuji.

Thank you Wayne傻傻


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