Still loving John Denver

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My first ever, the cassette that I use my own money to buy. Since then I listen, fall in love with his songs, learn to play it on my guitar, and this one is my favorite guitar solo tune. used to catch it phrase by phrase by listening from my old cassette player, an old and broken cassette player.

 His first song that I fell in love with was Annie's song, heard it was written for his wife Annie. 

On second thought, maybe it was Take me home country road.

Actually the first time I heard of country road take me home was by Olivia Newton John. Those days my sister like to listen to pop music, and pop music was more like country songs and some kind of pop folk, like those of Glen Campbell , Gordon Lightfoot

Also now I think my English improve unconsciously by just listening to those songs, and humming it in my mind all the time, and it sink into my memory, and got digested some how. Also some very sweet songs by Olivia are fly away, these are songs written by John Denver. 


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