The bliss of bach

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with this piece, not many will say they don't like classical. Listening to classical music you got to slow down, you got to be patient, you got to have a delicate sense, it is like drinking coffee without sugar, slowly and gradually you will find it very tasty and you will like it. It's like drinking Chinese tea, you got to drink it and wait for the taste to reveal itself, feel it and you will ease into it. Like my friend Soon, he used to come and asked me about the goodness of one particular type of Chinese tea, I run out of words to describe, and often don't know what to say but only ask him to be patient and soon he will know. One day he came to my house and I wasn't in, so he made the tea himself and drink a few cups, afterwards he just left riding his bicycle slowly returning to his duty ( he owns a bicycle shop ), in that quiet and lonely ride he suddenly felt the wonder of the taste and the next day he came rushing to me to tell his new found knowledge, ending with buying a big carton of Chinese tea leaves. Same with classical music, keep silent and you will find the taste of it.


ts lim said...

Actually this song was asked by my good friend CK Chong, than it only came to my attention, even though already very familiar with the melody...

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