Most loved er hu title 江河水

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闵惠芬Min Hui Fen, she perform with such feeling and emotion, but most important she's natural and smooth flowing. with only two strings, this instrument can express the most intense emotion, especially sad and tragic emotion.

I Fall in love with violin concertos

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First I fall in love with Tchaikovsky, his music always carry a romantic sense, even though most of his composition was sad and worrisome, but I love his Russian melodic taste. I love Itzhak Perlman, his performance is spotlessly perfect. Mostly I love violin concertos in classical music.

Compare with David Oistrakh, which you like best?

Most beautiful music I love

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Fall in love with her since I saw her on tv, singing Orinoco Flow. She is like a booming tree, keep giving beautiful flower like music. Heavenly music she gave to this world ethereal beauty.


Best Rock in Hock Kian (Chinese Dialect)

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One of the very few, if not the only one who are able to adopt proper rock style and sing in Chinese hock kian dialect, I only wish to hear more from him, and wish that he will continue to develop and write more quality hock kian rock. All th best XIAO!


蕭福德 - 華西街的一蕊花

蕭福德 - 心輕鬆

Young and happy energetic

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She is so young, full of life. Future is so bright for her, she has to ware sun glasses. energetically presented, happy feeling is what I like about this song, yeah music should bring about happy feelings. I don't even know how to pronounce her name, "Kovácsovics Fruzsina" but I love her.

Fumbel into Kiroro

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Once I was in a stationary cum book shop, and I overheard this song, played by the shop keeper over the sound system. It was years ago, that time the voice to me was so sweet, the song written so clean and the melody so beautiful. I cannot do anymore shopping, actually I wasn't shopping for anything, just casually stroll in with no particular intention. Listening to this song, totally capture my attention, and I can't help but ask the shop keeper about it, ended buying their album, and I don't understand any Japanese.

At home, I heard the album and think, this is yet another talented group for my favorite list, but still this is their best song ever. their other song cannot match.

Feel like old time again

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Just come across this group, dunno much about them, but nice to listen to some old style music.

I think as a group project, their song sound fine,

Wow! There is somethin' with this one, short but dunno why I keep replay it way more than couple of times, many times.

Once my all day and night was only bread

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I use to just listen to them, I wanted to listen to no other song only bread. They can play soft and they can rock, their harmony was sweet, their inspiration pure. Those was some lonely days that I fill it up with learning to play their song, singing if to myself, and feeling full of life.

If you could read my mind

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Long time ago, I heard this song in a folk song compilation cassette, and I just can't help but repeat and replay, and rewind again, it's the melody that capture my heart.

Another song I like, heard this when I was in primary school, this one hold more memories, "If you could read my mind" give me more joy of music.

I am not sad for mary, she's more full of life than ever

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Peter Paul And Mary, their first song that I fell in love was Early morning rain. It was a careless buy, when I picked up the cassette I don't know who they were. it was the time of cassette and I was buying just like treasure hunting in those day, no CD yet, and no internet, so I just buy to learn more of any music style that I could be of interest.

Their Harmony was perfect, simple guitar and voices, and the effect was the most beautiful music.

Only later that I found out, the song was written by Gordon Lightfoot,

Love the way she sing and her vioce

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She has style, love this song, they (at you tube) was talking about this song writter, think he wrote the lyric, pass away, and were mourning over it. we human are very attached to death, what if we had reason to feel otherwise? we will be lifted to another level.

Let's hear from Abraham Hicks talk about death, and some perceptual comparison with sex and orgasm. If we accept her view we won't fear or mourn about death so much.

I just have to put this together with this death subject. let us learn more clearly about death.

Who doesn't want love from handsom and beautiful?

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Romantic love everyone wants.

Use to play this song over and over again

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I love James Taylor because when I listen to him I have a sense of calmness. It was Handyman that I fell in love with the first time I heard James.

From Classical to Folk in love with Sinead O'Connor

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Found at bee mp3 search engine

The only song I love from Ralph Mctell, Streets of London. Music sounds like classical song Canon by Pachelbel, or should I say the cord progression sounds like it.

Sinead O'Connor make it sound so quiet and peaceful, I was mesmerized instantly. She uses idea of Ravel Bolero, starting with simple guitar music, than added a kind of classical piano, than come the base, the percussion, the violin and keyboard. great mix, and still able to keep the quiet effect.

Maurice Ravel - Ravel: Bolero

Found at bee mp3 search engine

I love Sinead O'Connor, the passion in her voice, and the emotion. This is great, with all this mix, she still sounds like her own self.

Oh man i love this song

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I was a teenage boy when I heard this songs. went to my grandma's house and my uncle played this album, bridge over trouble water, think he brought back from uk or something. Those day when they play anything on that hi fi , it was so loud and this song burnt into my brain. Love it , it gave me those blissful feeling when I hear it. Because of this I love folk music all my life.